Software Engineer Turned Artist: Debolina Majumdar

Debolina Majumdar is an accomplished artist from Bangalore, who is also a software engineer by profession. Her passion for art began at the young age of four and has since become an integral part of her being. Debolina was born in Kolkata, a city where art is an inherent part of every household. She began her journey casually, not realizing that it would become a significant part of her life.

Debolina’s father had a transferrable job, and as a part of her upbringing, she traveled across various cities in India. This helped her pick up different art forms and indulge in the rich experiences that the corners of our country could offer in terms of art. The exposure to different cultures and artistic traditions helped her develop a unique perspective on art.

Over the years, Debolina’s confidence in her art grew, as she received various International and National awards for her work. However, despite enrolling in Engineering and entering the corporate world, art took a back seat. But it was only five years ago that she decided to come back to mainstream art, as it provided solace like nothing else.

While Debolina is skilled in various art forms, she loves the challenges that watercolor can throw and considers it her favorite medium. Her watercolor artworks were selected for the prestigious IWS India Biennale 2022, and internationally, her works were exhibited at the renowned Fabriano In Acquarello 2022 in Bologna, Italy, alongside artworks from all over the world. Her artwork is also selected for the Fabriano In Acquarello 2023, which will be held in Italy.

Debolina had the opportunity to exhibit her artworks in some of India’s esteemed galleries, including the Chitra Kala Parishath in Bangalore, ICCR in Kolkata, and the Nehru Centre Art Gallery in Mumbai. Her participation in the Chitra Santhe 2023 held in Bangalore is one of her most treasured memories, where she was selected from thousands of artist/applicants.

Debolina usually picks subjects for her art from the everyday mundane life around her and portrays them through her art. She considers working on art and improving her skills a continuous process, but nothing gives her more happiness than when her clients or admirers appreciate her art and connect with it. She believes that art can help bring back a piece of memory and evoke a sense of happiness in people’s lives.

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